Athletes and companions may save about 2 hours if they book their flights with Rize Artvin airport as arrival location. 

Istanbul-Trabzon and Istanbul-Rize Artvin Airport (RZV) flights take about 1 hour and 45 mins. 


Alternative Transfer 


1) You can easily arrive Camlihemsin from Rize-Artvin Airport. 

The distance between the airport and race point is about 40 km and the route takes about 30 mins.

THY and Pegasus companies have flights to Rize-Artvin airport. 


2) There are airport services (Havas company) from Rize-Artvin Airport to Ardesen. 


3) There are shuttle services (minibus) from Rize-Artvin Airport to Pazar. 


4) Transport from Trabzon Airport to Pazar or Ardesen via Havaş. 

Duration: About 2 hours


5) Transport from Pazar or Ardesen to Camlihemsin via minibus. 


6) Taxi will be taken between Camlihemsin and CINCIVA.